Natural gardening trending in the Southwest

When it comes to organic garden care in the southwestern region of the US, the watchword is “heat,” and how to keep a garden healthy and to do termite inspection phoenix. In fact, there are many natural ways and means to sort out a true organic garden with the aid of friendly bugs and animals, say longtime gardening fans commenting online. At the same time, organic gardening and horticulture is trending in the southwest today because of a rise in local “Victory Garden” plots where locals growing their own fruits and vegetables.

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Another aspect of organic garden care today in 2016 is linked to new trends in soil building, pest management, conservation and even specialized plant species preservation. The goal is to grow “natural plants in concert with Mother Nature,” explained an organic gardening specialist in Arizona where she said “bugs and other insects” are welcomed as “helpers” for true natural results. The organic gardener is best described as someone who enjoys using human labor with hands-on methods to create as “organic and natural” as possible.

Organic gardening means getting dirty

The true-blue organic gardeners found in the southwestern part of the country are all about using various manures, compost and mulches to help support the soil with more natural mineral supplements. This type of gardener gets his or her hands dirty, while also partnering with fungus, insects and other things that often plague a garden when not properly managed. For instance, an organic horticulturist will shun toxic chemicals and other manufactured gardening products in favor of a more natural way and means to fight pests, mold and other environmental dangers.

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Rise of the organic gardener out West

The organic gardener often uses insecticide soaps and sprays over harmful chemicals; while other organic gardening fans also like to use pheromone traps and other pest-friendly products so as to keep their gardens truly environmentally “green.” For instance, a fully organic gardening project does not include any pest-control methods that kill insects using dangerous chemicals or toxic sprays because such products are also dangerous to humans.

Natural horticulture goals explained

There are many trending organic gardening systems featured online at popular natural gardening websites. In fact, there is a view that there has never been a better time for gardening fans to jump on the organic bandwagon and sort out their plot of land with organic gardening systems and practices.