Flooring Tips

Flooring has evolved from its purely practical value to a decorative element. Therefore, today high demands are placed on the flooring in particular (gulv xtra) . On the one hand, it is intended to retain its practical properties, on the other hand, it is intended to decoratively complement these properties with an appealing exterior.
With the right choice of flooring, a room can already be inviting at first glance, feel comfortable under your feet, or creak comfortably under the steps of its occupants.

Wood as flooring
Wood can be used extremely versatile as a floor covering. It can be used both in the realization of modern living visions and traditional living dreams. In addition, wood as a natural flooring impresses with its longevity and as a renewable raw material through its environmental friendliness (Laminat) . As a heat-regulating flooring, wood also helps to save energy.
Possible uses of wood as a floor covering are:
parquet floors
laminate flooring
cork floors
Solid Wood Flooring

Parquet floors
The wood for parquet as a floor covering comes mostly from the so-called hardwood of deciduous trees. This is sawn to a certain extent for further processing and assembled according to specific patterns. Due to its appearance and its textures, parquet is regarded as a high-quality floor covering. The parquet floor also includes ship floors and the more widespread plank.

laminate flooring
Laminate floors look like parquet floors but consist of a cheaper, sealed top layer. In addition to its attractive appearance and its good price, the laminate floor is also easy to install. The quality of laminate flooring differs especially in the sealing, so it is even possible to use high-quality laminate flooring in a discotheque.

floors Cork floors exude a certain coziness despite their robustness. Cork parquet is sold by specialist dealers (Parkett) , such as the Dusseldorfer Holzfachzentrum Hüttemann, either as a tile or with a click system, as known from laminate flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring
High-quality solid wood floorboards are suitable for indoor use, as patio wood for the garden and for wooden facades. For this very noble and durable floor covering, solid wood is sawed and then milled. Since many tree species are suitable for this processing, so creates a variety of choices for the individual furnishing and feel-good taste.
Since solid wood planks are mostly valuable wood species, when looking for dealers, care should be taken to only buy wood from sustainable forestry. In addition to its large and high-quality offer here, for example, the Holzfachzentrum Hüttemann in Dusseldorf to call.